Our Supporters

Remember folks, these companies are charitably giving away profits for the benefit of the people of South Sudan for the safety of the defenseless and the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Pantry Paratus – … Pantry Paratus “means kitchen self-sufficiency”… if it’s related to kitchens and preparedness, I’m sure they have it. Run by the owners, it’s another great example of an American small business with good morals and high quality products. Chaya and Wilson, thank you!  Visit: www.pantryparatus.com

Ready Made Resources – In business for 17+ years, this company has a great track record and a wide range of proven (and tested by them first!) products from night vision to long-term food solutions to solar power systems.  Visit: www.readymaderesources.com

 Survivalblog.com – One of, if not “The” best site for preparedness and self-sufficiency,  this blog attracts a very knowledgeable and well-rounded readership that help contribute to a very comprehensive range of sub topics on survival and preparedness. Survivalblog’s creator and editor, James Wesley, Rawles, is a leading authority on the topic and author of several New York Times best-selling related books.  Visit www.survivalblog.com



These fine folks have ongoing BOGO deals (you buy one item from them, they give the same or equivalent item to C.R.O.S.S. for use in South Sudan!) on their company websites or have supported us financially in other ways to benefit South Sudan.