A Crisis in South Sudan


South Sudan is a fledgling nation in crisis.  It’s biggest physical problem is its neighbor to the north: Sudan. Sudan is predominantly an Arab and Muslim country. In contrast, South Sudan is predominantly a black and Christian (and animist) country. Sudan is on the United States’ list of terrorist-supporting countries and has been since 1993. Sudan continues to finance attacks against South Sudan along the border areas between the two countries, indiscriminately killing people, looting and burning villages uncontested, often returning multiple times over several days to accomplish these atrocities. Many of these families are forced to become refugees, often fleeing to safer parts of South Sudan.

Recently a “matchstick battalion” of Sudanese Army in uniform was captured on video carrying out these horrible actions. Sudan has used mercenaries against its own people, called the “Janjaweed (literally translated “Devil on Horseback”… see the free netflix movie/documentary on these atrocities), but at times uniformed troops burn entire villages forcing people to flee their homes and weekly bombs villages with its Antonov bombers, including its own southern population that is sympathetic to South Sudan. This has resulted in no less than 350,000 (UN estimates) people fleeing their homes and villages last year alone.

Sudan’s president, Omar al Bashir, has been indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes against humanity, war crimes, and has multiple arrest warrants (note reference #93 and 95) for genocide, making him the first head of state to have an arrest warrant issued by the ICC for any charges, but in this case, genocide. All of this contributes to few missionaries being willing to take the gospel to this challenging environment. In fact, the US State Department Travel Advisory basically says DO NOT GO TO SUDAN or the northern parts of SOUTH SUDAN!!!

South Sudan’s biggest spiritual problem is hard to discern, but appears to be simply a lack of people to spread the gospel and just as importantly, a lack of trained people to help disciple and help existing Christians grow in Christ. This is particularly true in the northern border areas of the country, as many humanitarian and missionary organizations have pulled out their staff, deeming the region too volatile.

It is for this very reason, that these people desperately need to experience and hear the love and gospel of Christ. Please support C.R.O.S.S. in helping the people of South Sudan!

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